Written by on October 2, 2023

For two rollicking decades, Fun Factory has been the comedic heartbeat of Uganda. With a repertoire that spans stand-up, sketches, and side-splitting sitcoms, this dynamic group has become an institution in Ugandan entertainment.

Every Thursday night, like a job, the National Theatre in Kampala transforms into a sanctuary of laughter, courtesy of Fun Factory’s hilarious shows. Their weekly comedic extravaganza has become a staple in the lives of many, drawing crowds eager to unwind with a hearty dose of humor.

Yet, Fun Factory’s influence extends far beyond the stage. Their foray into the television realm birthed the hilarious drama series, “Mizigo Express,” hit on Pearl Magic. The show, a masterclass in wit and storytelling, has captured the hearts of viewers across the nation, solidifying Fun Factory’s position as the undisputed masters of comedy.

But Fun Factory’s impact goes beyond the belly laughs. They are the incubators of talent, nurturing stars who have become household names. The incomparable Ann Kansiime, whose comedic prowess knows no bounds, emerged from these hallowed halls. Akite Agnes, with her fierce eyes to give you a story of something that could have happened to you or is about to happen. You just have to take not.

Yet, their influence extends even further, as they’ve played a center role in shaping the Ugandan film industry. Symone Base, with her spellbinding performances, and Dickson Zizinga Bujingo, a master of his craft, are living testaments to Fun Factory’s legacy.

As they celebrate two decades of comedy, Fun Factory stands as a testament to the enduring power of comedy. They’ve not only entertained, but they’ve inspired and paved the way for a new generation of comedic talent. Their story is one of laughter, love, and the unshakeable belief that humor has the power to unite, heal, and elevate.

Here’s to Fun Factory, the guardians of giggles, the sultans of satire, and the architects of amusement. May their next two decades be even more uproarious and unforgettable than the last!

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