Written by on October 2, 2023

In Kampala’s entertaining spectrum, NRG Radio unleashes a convoy of epic proportions, that doing epic sh*t is the coolest way to run your work on a daily. The uproar began with the arrival of the almighty 3-men army in a convoy loud and bold with 2 giant B613 buses and a collection of prestigious cars all racing together in one convoy.

As the coolest kid on the block, NRG Radio knows how to make an entrance. Picture this: a convoy so mighty and so loud making Kampala as noisy as it has never been before. At this point, the noisy taxi conductors and boda boda riders stood still just to catch a glimpse of one loud convoy in an organized race. That is NRG Radio UG.

But let’s not forget the naysayers who predicted NRG’s fire to fizzle out after just six months in the Ugandan market. Oh, how they must be eating their words now! The doubters must be scratching their heads, wondering how a station that arrived like a comet has now firmly planted its flag in the heart of Ugandan airwaves. It’s safe to say that NRG is not just here to play, but to slay.

Meanwhile, the competition, who once boasted about their longevity, now seem to be nursing their bruised egos. They may have had a head start, but it’s clear that they underestimated the sheer force of NRG’s energy. While they were busy resting on their laurels, NRG was busy turning up the volume, leaving everyone else in the muted in the dust.

So, here’s to NRG Radio, the true heavyweight champ of the Ugandan airwaves. They’ve shown us that when it comes to making waves, they don’t just ride them – they create their own tsunami! The convoy, the 3-men army, and the unstoppable Breakfast Club have proven that NRG’s fire burns brighter and hotter than ever. Watch out, Kampala, because the slay queen just got started.

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