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Luckie Reuben is well-known in the creative scene in Uganda, a multi-talented photographer, videographer, editor, and show host with years of talent behind him.

Getting a start in the entertainment industry with a gig at NTV Uganda where he worked on T-Nation for a few months before finally starting a revolutionary radio show with his best friends called Crazy Town. On Crazy Town, Luckie made an impact that a few years ago, would have been nothing but a dream. He managed to juggle being a radio host, photographer, and videographer, Luckie was also a student at Uganda Christian University in Mukono.

Having to travel from Mukono to Kampala every weekend to pursue his dreams, Luckie managed to grow his portfolio and network which would later come in handy after his graduation. Luckie managed to sustain his passion for the arts alive by taking up gigs. One of the most prominent was the time he spent with Youtuber, Raymond Kahuma. Here, he helped in producing the Guinness World Record – World’s Largest Ugandan Rolex video.

After such a monumental time with Raymond, Luckie took some time off to better his skills. This time was not wasted as he was soon approached by an emerging radio station whose aim is to disrupt the system, NRG.

At NRG, Luckie is the Social Media Lead who is in charge of all social media posts that go up on every NRG platform.

“It is really amazing to be a part of something I used to dream about. I used to dream about being at a place that is doing something futuristic. There’s no limit to what you can do at NRG,” Luckie said when asked what it meant to be him to be working at NRG radio.

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