Written by on October 9, 2023

In the loud and blooming scene of Uganda’s Entertainment industry arose a girl who took a seat in the entertainment industry that most women could not do. Azawi, hit the tabloids for her hit song Quinamino which grabbed people’s hearts and ears. Today she released a new album with 16 songs.

Known for her African sense of style, and touch in her creativity, Azawi was able to captivate many people’s hearts. Her new album has hot bangers such as the successful hit, 10 Over 10. This Album has been such an intimate project to her to the point that she got into a creative block where she was afraid to be creative simply because she was no longer doing the things she used to do before she became a star which explains the name SANKOFA.

Truly Azawi had taken a very long time in a silent mode especially after her concert. She later released a song “Bamututte Dda” which became a hit. At some point many anticipated that she could be pregnant. She really took time without appearing in public places nor releasing music until she started working this album.

Azawi is one creative female artiste whose craft has been appreciated beyond Africa. She was the first female artiste in Uganda to appear on the New York Times Square and Los Angeles Billboards. Considering her style of music and her charm as an African woman, Azawi has a huge challenge. Her talent and her music can possibly hit the global market and she is one artiste who is talented enough to hit those stages.

This is such a huge milestone for Azawi and many look forward to another concert with these latest bangers.


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