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The Kampala Film Development Foundation (KFDF) has announced to launch the “Film and Culture Market 2023” starting on the 14th to 16th of July at the National Theatre in Kampala.

This will be the second edition of its kind and it will be featuring the different film makers, actors and actresses in Uganda.

According to the Director of Programs Kampala Film Development Foundation, Godfrey Musinguzi, this is meant to develop the market space for the Ugandan film industry through networking collaboration and partnerships.

He also said that this platform is meant to use film as a medium to promote our culture and identity as a people. This is if very necessary especially now that Uganda’s culture and lifestyle has caught the attention of different foreign bodies and has been ranked on a number of international research findings.

He also mentioned, that If Uganda had one unifying body for the film industry, it would help promote the film industry to the International scene just like Nollywood and Hollywood.

The Director Nabwiso Films Matthew Nabwiso says that as long as the involved parties are committed to the same goal, then a unified body will definitely promote the film industry of Uganda.

“I have seen the Film and Culture Market Initiative on social media, it is a good initiative and I am yet to see its outcome” he adds.

Matthew Nabwiso on the other hand says Uganda’s film industry is able to attract potential partners only if the products are marketed on the right platforms such as DSTV, Pearl Magic ShowMax Cinemas, film festivals or events such as this one, and social media platforms.

Aside from creating market, this would help and contribute to solving the problem of Unemployment in Uganda. With all the skilled young people in fields of editing, writing, acting, music production, etc.

All these are occupations that can be employed by the film industry hence creating a sustainable source of income for Ugandans.

The Film & Culture Market 2023, seeks to create awareness on the impact of telling the Ugandan story through film, showcase the different forms of equipment, holding  discussion panels that will equip young people with skills to promote their products.

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