The eagerly awaited arrival of Nigerian superstar Davido on Thursday, March 28th, at Kampala International Airport sparked fervent anticipation among his fans. However, initial disappointment ensued as the “OBO” failed to make an appearance. Yet, the faithful remained undeterred, their anticipation unfazed. The eventual unveiling of Davido’s performance transcended mere description, as he seamlessly navigated […]

When you ask people what jobs they can’t do, many people are quick to respond with answers like cleaning the toilet. This is nothing compared to petting a snake. A video surfaced online, capturing the attention of millions. An expatriate, calmly going about her daily tasks, seemingly unfazed by the presence of a massive snake […]

As excitement reaches fever pitch, the countdown to one of the most anticipated concerts in the region, #TimelessKampala, has begun. Headlined by none other than the Afrobeat sensation Davido, this spectacular event promises an unforgettable night of music, entertainment, and pure euphoria. Set to take place on the 29th of this month, #TimelessKampala is shaping […]

In the ever evolving world of TikTok, two trends have emerged as the latest sensations, captivating users with their infectious beats and irresistible vibes. From the mysterious allure of Tshwala Bami to the universal appeal of This Just How We Roll, these trends have taken the platform by storm, leaving a trail of creativity and […]

As the curtains closed on another season of Netflix’s hit series, Love Is Blind, viewers were left reeling from the heart-wrenching conclusion that unfolded before their eyes. At the center of it all was the tumultuous journey of Clay and AD, whose love story took a devastating turn on the most sacred of stages: the […]

Whoever said black is boring clearly didn’t catch a glimpse of the dazzling display at the Oscars 2024! While the red carpet was awash with a sea of black gowns, it was anything but ordinary. Let’s take a fabulous dive into the top 5 standout dresses that stole the show: Margot Robbie: Bid farewell to […]

While many can’t help but talk about how Bobi Wine’s documentary missed out on the Oscars, we just can’t get enough of the fact that he made it at the Award ceremony with his gorgeous wife Barbie all glammed up. They stole the spotlight at the prestigious award ceremony with their stunning presence. While some […]

┬áThe Government of Uganda has taken decisive action concerning school fees and development charges in educational institutions across the country. This move is aimed at easing the financial burden on parents and ensuring equitable access to education, Recently, the government initiated a ban on development fees imposed by schools, a practice that has been a […]

A recent documentary shedding light on the life of talk show host Wendy Williams has sparked controversy as it reveals her ongoing battle with dementia, allegedly stemming from excessive alcohol consumption. Dementia, a condition characterized by damage to brain cells resulting in memory loss and cognitive decline, has raised concerns about Williams’ health and well-being. […]

“Knives Out” isn’t just a gripping murder mystery; it’s a masterclass for aspiring detectives. Beneath its layers of deception and intrigue lie valuable lessons that every sleuth can glean from. Let’s dissect the key takeaways tailored for detectives in training. Lesson 1: Attention to Detail In “Knives Out,” the smallest details often hold the key […]

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