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The damage that work and career development is bringing to the institution of family is so immense that many will not take a pose to recognize how severe this effect is but in interesting movie titled “Fair Play” that featured on Netflix last month portrayed.

No matter how strict a company may be with its policies regarding relationships and workplaces, certain vices are never really whipped out because many keep their relationships going secretly building fierce emotions.

In the case of “Fair Play” Emily and Luke would be in such deep crisis especially if they had crossed the line to have children. This journey to career development on both levels would not only have destroyed them but also would have destroyed their children.

Looking at the dynamics in relationships today and the demand in terms of work, it is really not easy to balance the two aspects especially given the fact that in this day and age, women have become quite highly competitive when it comes to work execution and the dynamics in business growth.

Where as some employers may be looking for that person who is agile and submissive enough to execute and do as necessary, having a female individual could be the best strategic move to achieve this goal, on the other hand, other employers may be looking at getting a side piece to slice at any given moment work stress kicks in or on the other hand a piece of bait for a potential client to get the deal closed because of the existence of this beauty in a certain influential position.

Anyone thinking of building their career in the most genuine way might live to see themselves struggle for years to finally get such a huge opportunity living many men in this struggle.

This dynamic destroyed a couple in a movie however the reality is this dynamic has destroyed many families and children resorting to children developing interest in passions other than building a career in the corporate world after seeing the damage it has caused on their parents and if a child has no talent or passions, thy might resort to drug addiction or deal with severe mental health issues.

In today’s work or corporate environment, there are more chances for women to thrive than men considering the existing factors including, the hungry desire to push for gender equality, the fact that women have been so empowered to thrive through any work place, in addition, the aspect of sexual affairs that go on in workplace. Studies reveal that approximately 85% of workplace affairs begin at company parties, and 44% of employees agreed to knowing about a colleague being involved in an extra marital affair at a work place.

The movie “Fair Play” might have gone extreme to reveal the extent of damage when it comes to work place affairs however the fact that the movie became famous, it simply means that many can relate and perhaps “Fair Play” is a common true-life story.


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