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British actor Idris Elba has revealed why he lost interest in the highly coveted James Bond Role. He made his statement during an interview on the smartless podcast. Idris said he wanted to portray the iconic character until it started becoming about racism. He said “The truth is, I was super complemented for a long […]

  Veronica Namanda is a renowned actress in a Drama group called “Fun Factory” and a cast member in “Mizigo Xpress” on pearl Magic. She recently said her vows in church with her husband last weekend and her wedding pictures took fans by surprise and people kept wondering if it was real or if it […]

Now playing on Netflix is Africa’s most luxurious reality show “Young Famous & African” which is now sparking conversations among people and provoking public sentiments. A lot of critics say that the series has a lot of unnecessary drama, and the people featuring in the series are too fake. They also say, the people featuring […]

.Beyond all reasonable expectations, “Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves” proves to be a ton of joy, serving up what can best be described as an ambitious take on the iconic strategy board game. D&D enthusiasts inhabit a fantasy world where the goal is to make it as real as feasible. It gets a little […]

The John Wick franchise has revived the action movie genre as the movie is continuously praised for its practical effects and stunts. Each movie keeps pushing the barrier of what we thought was possible practically and the fourth installment in the franchise does not disappoint. After director Chad Stahelski announced that the first cut of […]

In late January, it was announced that Netflix is working on a Mighty Morphin Power Rangers reunion and excitement started running high. Memories of watching the Rangers on Sunday mornings on WBS started popping up and any news announced by Netflix about the project was gobbled up by the media. Well, we finally get a […]

.Zachary Levi is back as the bright red superhero Shazam in Shazam! Fury of the Gods, an uninspired movie that leaves the fate of the franchise hanging. In 2019, fans were introduced to Billy Batson or more commonly known as Shazam in one of the few movies that actually exceeded people’s expectations of what a […]

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