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Before you lose hope in life think of people like our famous Comedian Kapere, think of how he is able to have such a beautiful wife and a successful career with his looks. Kapere shared his life on an interview and his story is such a touching journey.

“I was rejected by my own father and his family as soon as I they took a look at me. I was not that baby everyone can’t get enough of. People couldn’t stand hanging around with me, people would never invite me for gatherings parties because I always came off as too ugly or too scary for other children.” He said.

Kapere joined comedy in the early 2000s and his appearance alone got her a stage land mark. He not only did comedy but also evolved to acting. In this age where looks are everything, Kapere embraced his appearance and even refused to enhance his appearance just to be appealing.

“I thank my wife and my Father in law for embracing me as I am. In fact, my Father in Law has loved me and entrusted me with his daughter despite how I looked. I consider this as a blessing because my own Father could not even embrace me.” He explained.

“My biggest fear is my children looking at me just like my Father’s family did. It is my prayer that my children never feel ashamed or get to dislike me because of how I look. I might have embraced my appearance but I am not sure how I will feel when my children start to see me differently.” He shares.

The irony in Kapere’s story is how women just love this man by simply smiling at them and yet the hottest boys of NRG Radio spend 30 minutes everyday fearing women. Kapere is one talented individual in the comedy industry of Uganda and has earned a fortune through his talent and embracing his personality and appearance.

If Kapere can make it against all odds, what can stop you as a young person with all the looks and the talent you may have.

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