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Uganda is such a blessed nation with people who have special talents. Discover Award-Winning Songwriter, performer, and expressive poet Mugabi Byenkya.

Mugabi spoke about his artistic and creative inspiration while in our studios yesterday for the #NRGTransitUG with Sheila Salta, Sean M Preezy, and DJ Vans. “I focused on women since they frequently bear the emotional burden in all relationships. It is understandable how they are able to raise children, look after their siblings, and give birth while enduring what they experience,” he explained.

The artiste has released a 2 series album called “Sons for Wo(Men) 1 and 2 and he said when he released the first series, it sounded like it was majorly directed to women and so he did a lot of revision of the second one including its tittle from “Songs For Women”¬† to “Songs¬† Wo(Men)2” which attracted a sizable number of male audiences.

When it comes to words, the poet doesn’t need a pen, his words just flow. When asked to give a performance, he just started flowing articulately making sense with every single word or statement he said. (Click here)

Mugabi is a well learned fella he has traversed the world educating his brains. He said, “My Father worked with the UN so everywhere he was posted we tagged along. I was born in Nigeria, at 3 years, we moved to South Sudan, we later moved to Bangladesh, then to Cambodia, at 18 I got a full scholarship at University of Converse in South Carolina, then I got another scholarship in Michigan, I studied there for a Semester and I returned to Uganda.”

Mugabi also published a book titled ” Dear Philomena” He has a disclaimer that says ” Dear reader as a heasd up, this book can get depressing but I hope you find strength through vulnerability like I have”

His travel experience has must have brought tough seasons in his life.

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