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In the vibrant city of Kampala, four young ladies have taken the town by storm, causing the men to rethink what makes a perfect life partner. Etania, Zahara Toto, and Baby Gloria have become unanticipated local celebrities, arousing curiosity among the populace and leaving Kampala locals to ask, “Who are these ladies?” Enter the enthralling […]

As we strut into 2024 with our eyes fixed on the prize, it’s time to drop the deadweight of certain issues that have overstayed their welcome in our discussions. This year, let’s collectively agree to give the boot to these time-wasters and divert our precious energy towards personal growth and success. “I cheated on my […]

Last weekend, Kampala witnessed the sizzling event of the year, “Shorts Na Lessu,” featuring the city’s top lover boys: Joshua Baraka, Elijah Kitaka, and the charismatic leader of the pack, International Lover Boy Ric Hassan. The performances were nothing short of stunning, with Ric Hassan stealing the spotlight, but let’s take a moment to appreciate […]

Leading ladies in the music business, Winnie Nwagi, Vinka, and Karole Kasita, have injected the airways with a refreshing remix of “Chekecha,” marking the start of a new year with a harmonious symphony that has transformed Kampala’s music scene. With its innovative flair, this partnership promises to transform the soundscapes for music lovers in the […]

In the pulsating heart of Kampala’s vibrant nightlife, Sheila Gashumba has once again etched her name into the city’s social scene, marking a clear distinction between the extravagant soirées of Gen Z and the sophisticated gatherings of the millennials. The latest testament to her flair for hosting extraordinary events was the recent “Chop Life” affair, […]

In a proactive move to curb the proliferation of fraudulent qualifications, Nigeria has announced the extension of its suspension of degree accreditation to additional countries, including Kenya and Uganda. This decision follows the recent suspension of accreditation for degrees obtained from institutions in Benin and Togo. Education Minister Tahir Mamman, speaking during an interview on […]

Uganda is becoming known as a place that captivates the soul with its various landscapes, rich culture, and plentiful wildlife, especially as travelers explore East Africa in search of hidden gems. Here are some of the best places in Uganda for those who have a strong desire to travel, beckoning them to set off on […]

Many people are resolutely making commitments as the New Year begins to roll, with a noteworthy trend toward the commitment of a dry January—that is, refraining from alcohol for the full year. Despite being difficult, this audacious and health-conscious decision is gaining popularity as more people look for a change of pace and an alternative […]

Within this eco challenged era,  Starbucks has announced a significant policy shift that will allow customers to use their personal cups for all orders, including drive-thru and mobile purchases. The coffee giant’s decision is part of the Seattle coffee goliath’s efforts to reduce its waste output driven largely by its iconic disposable coffee cups. Starbucks, […]

In the captivating mosaic of Kampala’s social scene, the lives of its housewives unfold like riveting chapters in a drama-filled novel. Each woman, with her unique story, adds a layer of glamour, fame, and, at times, unexpected twists to the rich tapestry of the city’s social fabric. 1. Zari the Boss Lady: Love Her and […]

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