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The endearing NRG Transit UG broadcaster on NRG Radio, Sheila Salta, recently began a new chapter in her life that will pen an enduring love tale. Sheila was at the heart of a celebration last Friday at NRG Studios, the exact walls that echo her voice. It was a joyous crescendo of love that brought […]

Life is like a comedy sketch, filled with punchlines that make us laugh, and a few head-scratchers that leave us utterly bewildered. Let’s take a side-splitting look at some of the quirkiest paradoxes that sound good until you try to make sense of them: Bar Parking Puzzles: If it’s illegal to drink and drive, why […]

Evelyn MC, a Ugandan influencer and events MC, has recently become a topic of conversation because of her contentious remarks about gender roles and relationships. The comments area of her posts has become an opinion war, with people voicing differing viewpoints about how modern relationships are changing. She posted saying; “You decided to move in […]

Having experienced a rough path with organizers in 2022, esteemed gospel artist Travis Green is triumphantly traveling to Uganda, where he will play a highly-anticipated live concert of his soul-stirring tunes in the center of Kampala. Fans and followers of gospel music in Uganda have long yearned for the arrival of Travis Green. His songs […]

A creative virtuoso has emerged, transforming the traditional concept of rugs into bespoke pieces of art. Meet the visionary artist, who, armed with a passion for floor and wall art, has not only revolutionized his craft but has embarked on a journey to industrialize his unique skill. Our protagonist found an unexpected muse—customized rugs. What […]

In the dynamic realm of Uganda’s music industry, Spice Diana stands tall as not just an artiste, but a brand powerhouse, securing endorsements from various private sector companies. Ever since the inception of her career, Spice Diana has crafted a brand that not only attracts endorsements but also upholds a level of integrity and value […]

In the ever-evolving landscape of a nation’s progress, the words of Ugandan songstress Juliana Kanyomozi resonate profoundly as she emphasizes the transformative power of dialogue. In a social media statement, she wisely asserted, “We can’t end the troubles in our country with violence and hatred; we can only end these troubles if we learn to […]

Guy friendships, often veiled in camaraderie and unspoken bonds, constitute an intricate tapestry of loyalty and shared experiences. In the realm of male camaraderie, one undeniable truth emerges – every guy has his main squad. This core group of friends holds a special place in a man’s heart, serving as the anchor in the unpredictable […]

In a dynamic fusion of talent and lyrical prowess, Skengdo and AM 2 Bunny have emerged as the bar spitters of the century, sending shockwaves across the internet with their incendiary lyrics. The duo, who recently graced the airwaves on NRG Radio’s #NRGTransitUG, left listeners in awe as they unleashed their musical magic, causing the […]

Microsoft has unveiled Copilot, a ground-breaking innovation that will transform the AI integration landscape. It is now available on the keyboard next to the well-known Windows key. With this Copilot key, users will be able to easily explore the world of AI transformation in their everyday computing experiences. It is anticipated to be a game-changer. […]

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