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In a groundbreaking moment for Ugandan entertainment, Crysto Panda’s Empele Festival took Forest Park by storm, drawing an enormous crowd eager to immerse themselves in a night of musical enchantment. The clock struck 6:00 pm, and the venue was giving “sold out” vibes. Crafting a captivating lineup of Uganda’s finest entertainers, Crysto Panda, the architect […]

In a country where the entertainment industry is experiencing an unprecedented boom, Uganda is about to witness its first-ever Bougie Buddies reality show on Pearl Magic. The release of the show’s trailer sent shockwaves through social media, as if the audience had collectively declared, “Finally, the moment we’ve been waiting for!” Uganda’s entertainment scene has […]

In a groundbreaking collaboration that is aimed at redefining Uganda’s Entertainment industry, NRG Radio is gearing up to host the event of the year – The Timeless Concert. Scheduled for the 29th of March, which will be featuring Africa’s Idol Davido. A global icon whose music has been Africa’s iconic sound. NRG Radio, renowned for […]

Ah, the festive season, that magical time when families gather, and the holiday spirit fills the air. But, beware, dear city dwellers, for venturing into the village comes with its own set of unwritten rules and quirky adventures. Picture this: You’ve left the hustle and bustle of the city, traded skyscrapers for scenic landscapes, and […]

In the previous week, the NRG Transit show, hosted by Sean Preezy, Sheila Salta, and DJ Vanss, had the honor of hosting Hilda Baci, a Guinness World Record breaker. During her appearance, she openly discussed her experiences and future plans following the record-breaking feat. Among her future endeavors, she disclosed that she had resumed her […]

  The annual all-white extravaganza, hosted by The Boss Lady Zari, is set to grace the social calendar once again on December 16th. Renowned for attracting Uganda’s top-tier influencers and the town’s wealthiest individuals, the party has become a hallmark event in Zari’s glamorous life. Amidst the social media drama with her husband Shakib, the […]

NRG Radio has undoubtedly become the pulse of the party scene, spreading its contagious vibe far and wide. The Best Of Kampala brunch, held at Garden City’s rooftop, proved to be another testament to the irresistible energy that NRG presenters bring to the table. The day began on a sunny note, with the Garden City […]

In the heart of Jinja, the Slip & Slide party following the Kyabazinga’s wedding became the stuff of legends, solidifying Uganda’s reputation as the ultimate party destination. The air buzzed with an infectious energy that surpassed even the renowned Nyege Nyege festival. As the sun dipped below the horizon, the night unfolded into a tapestry […]

In a surprising turn of events, the tabloid streets are buzzing with the latest video shared by Zari the Boss Lady. The video showcases an unexpected double date featuring Zari, her husband, and none other than her ex, Diamond Platinumz, accompanied by his current girlfriend. The footage captures a seemingly harmonious atmosphere as the two […]

Nigerian vocalist and star Fave received a vibe shock with NRG Radio Uganda last Friday. She was invited as a guest on NRG Transit Uganda. She did not expect the dynamic vibes she found with the NRG Radio crew. Fave has become one of the top female African artists because of her rich voice and […]

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